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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you send us a message, check out a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions below.


Where do you generate power?

Mangrove partners with utility-scale solar and wind farms across the country. The solar panels might be situated in Cornwall or the Scottish Highlands; the wind turbines could be far out at sea or just round the corner from you.


How do you provide energy at night?

By carefully balancing how much of the energy generated during the day is used by our customers, Mangrove tops up our batteries and uses this stored energy to provide energy at night.


How do you supply energy to my house?

Precisely the same way your existing electricity supplier does - via the National Grid. As a Mangrove customer, you can still turn your TV on whenever you want and put the kettle on at night. You don't have to change your lifestyle at all. But you can be confident that every kilowatt of electricity you use has been generated renewably.


What if I move house?

If you installed the solar panels on your own home and moved house, you lose all the benefits of solar! With Mangrove, you switch suppliers at your new address to Mangrove Energy, and you can continue to benefit from renewable energy anywhere.