Renewable Energy without the hassle

Mangrove Energy allows you to benefit from low-cost, renewable solar and wind power without the need for expensive solar panels on your own roof, or a wind farm in your back garden.
We supply your electricity through the National Grid from power generated on a Mangrove managed wind and solar farm, or stored in our renewable energy charged batteries.
Whether you're a tenant, live in an apartment, don't want the cost or hassle of home installation, or simply plan to move one day - Mangrove allows you to benefit from renewable energy no matter where you live.

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Changing the way customers interact with energy

Energy Supplier

Mangrove manages renewable energy and utility-scale battery farms. We supply UK customers with battery-backed renewable energy 24/7.

Renewables for all

We want everyone in the UK to be able to use renewable energy. You no longer need the right kind of property or an expensive home installation.

Energy to your home

Mangrove reduces your bill by agreeing low cost energy direct from renewable energy generators. The National Grid then transports it direct to your home.

Economies of scale

Mangrove manages large scale renewable energy sites which are much cheaper to build and run than home installed systems.

Your power follows you

With Mangrove as your energy supplier, your solar and wind output follows you anywhere in the UK. You can move home and still benefit from renewable energy.


Mangrove makes renewables affordable. We strive to be significantly cheaper than our competitors, and allow tenants and flat owners to access renewable energy.

How it currently works...

Traditional model

60% of electricity generated in the UK in 2020 came from fossil fuels (National Grid).

Even 'Green' energy providers buy their energy from renewable sources via the wholesale market - where fossil fuels set prices.

In 2022 the price on the wholesale market went up 104%, driven by these non-renewable carbon-based energy sources. 100% renewable energy companies often buy certificates from renewable energy generators, but actually buy fossil fuel-based energy from the wholesale market.

polluting coal power plant

What makes Mangrove different?

Renewable energy at sustainable prices

Mangrove buys electricity via direct contracts with renewable energy generators - such as solar and wind farms, guaranteeing the price per kilowatt for our customers.
No matter what energy prices do, we lock in the low cost of production renewables provide into the future.

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Battery backed renewables

Renewable energy is inherently cyclical but not on a Mangrove managed farm!
We use utility scale battery storage controlled by REBA; our intelligent demand algorithm, that stores the power produced during the day, to be used in your home over night.

utility solar battery storage

Cheaper than self installation

By using massive scale, Mangrove can offer solar panels far cheaper than installing them on your own home. Wind turbines are generally not an option for home installations.
Battery backup, maintenance and cleaning are all taken care of for you - and it follows you when you move home.  

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Take control of your energy bills

You can sign up with Mangrove for a fixed cost per kWh for your electricity. Our goal is always to be cheaper than our competitors.
We pass on stable, low-cost renewable energy to our customers. We don't look to squeeze every penny out of you.

taking control of your energy bill

Join the renewable revolution today